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Robot Palletizer | Skilled 304 -603

Robot Palletizer | Skilled 304 Robot Palletizer | Skilled 603   Articulated robots are robot with rotary joints. Articulated robots can range from simple two-jointed structures to systems with 10 or more interacting joints. They are powered by a variety of means, including electric motors. An articulated robot, like the our Skilled 304 or 603, […]


Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504

Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504   The Skilled 504 is an electro mechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. Our first SCARA robot (Selectively Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) was launched in the market in 1996 and since then it has been installed in over […]


Skilled AGV | LGV

Skilled AGV | LGV   AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle and it identifies Driverless fork-trucks which are used in industrial applications to carry pallets and/or materials to/from programmed positions in production areas, in warehouses, in the dock area and now also capable to reach in and load trucks. The AGV receives orders […]