Cobot Palletizer | Doosan H2515

Cobot Palletizer | Doosan H2515


    • Frame of SS 304
    • Doosan – Cobot H2515 ( payload 25kg)
    • Reach 1500 mm
    • Moveable with transpallet or forklift
    • Conveyor for pick-up made of SS 304
    • Intralox S1000chain
    • SEW motor
    • Two sides can be used for stacking
    • Manual reload of empty pallets
    • Vacuum gripper
    • Omnipack builder software
    • Frame for slipsheet
    • Safety scanners
    • Three different angles for positioning conveyor
    • Easy to move between production lines
    • Colour beacon




Weight max.25 kg

Physical dimensions – Conveyor

Lenght 15000 mm
Width 304 mm
Height 770 mm (+-50 mm)

Physical dimensions – Unit

Lenght 1360 mm
Width 810 mm
Height 800 mm (exclusieve Cobot)
Height 2372 mm ( cobot fully extended)

Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504

Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504


  • The Skilled 504 is an electro mechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. Our first SCARA robot (Selectively Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) was launched in the market in 1996 and since then it has been installed in over 1000 plants worldwide. Thanks to its high flexibility and possibility to customize the pick-up tool for illimitated range of applications (cardboard boxes, bundles, heat-shrunk trays, bags, cans, reels, etc.), the Skilled 504 has been used to solve a wide variety of end-of-the-line product handling problems in the most diverse plant logistic situations. Its friendly and powerful programming method has been developed in Visual Basic completely by our engineers on the basis of 30 years experience in the palletizing field, in order to quickly carry out any kind of personalization at any time.


  • Skilled 504 is ideal for palletising multiple lines:
    • Clever design to work also in a narrow working area
    • Payload 120 kg including gripper
    • 4 axes
    • 800 cycles/hour

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Automatic Pallet Dispenser | MAG1 – MAG2

Automatic Pallet Dispenser | MAG1 – placed over conveyor
Automatic Pallet Dispenser | MAG2 – aligned next to conveyor


    • Frame of painted steel.
    • Used for stacking and destacking of empty pallets.
    • Piles of 10 till 15 pallets.
    • Pallets between 800×600 – 1200×1200.
    • Loading by forklift, LGV or electrical transpallet.
    • Festo pneumatic cylinder with brake and valves for open and close movement.
    • SEW motor for op and down movement.
    • Motor mounted right or left.
    • Heighth of stack always controlled by photoelectric distance sensor.
    • Siemens HMI + PLC.
    • Can be used “stand alone” or integrated in robotcell.

    Palletmagazijn top palmag2 palmag



Physical dimensions – Unit

Length 1918 mm (exclusive motor and elecrical cabinet)
Length 2295 mm (all in)
Width 1695 mm (MAG1)
Width 1995 mm (MAG2)
Height 2105 mm (exclusive signal beacon)