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Robotic pickFeeder series | All about versatility – we are FLEXIBLE

Packfeeder is a private company, started in 2002 in Terrassa, Barcelona, a leading company in bottle unscrambling solutions with worldwide patented technologies.

Once again, the Packfeeder team manages to go one step further in the bottle unscrambling system world developing the pickFeeder series. This robotic bottle unscrambler, configurable with one, two, three or even four robots, offers a wide range of applications and possibilities. Our combination of delta robots with an intelligent track system makes the pickFeeder the most versatile automatic format change machine of the market, optimizing the performance of the intelligent systems and guaranteeing the best soft transfer in the world.



  • Maximum versatility
    All the bottle unscrambling machines in our pickFeeder series have a great adaptability to any kind of bottle and geometry to work. Thanks to the artificial vision, picking and tracking systems developed, the equipment will adapt automatically to the changing requirements in terms of shape, colours and needs of the packaging lines. Boost your possibilities with the pickFeeder series.
  • Close to Zero changeover
    Ideal for multi-format lines, where changeover must be fast, agile and clean, especially in small batch productions. With the pickFeeder robot bottle unscrambling series, we propose an automatic changeover to reduce the amount of downtime between production runs and forget about any kind of adjustment, setting or test before starting to produce again. This, also has a positive effect in terms of reducing the total cost of the equipment in its entire life cycle.
  • New formats, cost 0
    With the pickFeeder robotic bottle sorting series we can incorporate the concept of marginal cost 0 for the new formats. Thanks to the technology developed, the new containers won’t need new format parts neither complex configurations, therefore, the costs will be practically non-existent and the delivery time will be immediate due to the lack of new accessories to produce and adjust. Moreover, a simple application allows the user to easily configure new formats. We facilitate the launch of new products.
  • Do it Yourself
    Thanks to our state-of-the-art software vision and a simple application developed, the pickFeeder bottle unscrambler systems allows the customer to quickly and easily configure new formats with no need for delivery time or extra format parts, providing an effective, immediate and very cheap solution. The customers’ autonomy is maximum for the entire life cycle of the machine.
  • Permanent Bottle Vision
    The great visibility of the bottles offered by the Packfeeder robotic bottle unscramblers throughout its process, allows simple and quick operations when required optimizing the performance of the equipment and, consequently the one of the whole production line.
  • Extreme container care
    Thanks to our know-how in delicate applications such as using PET or PP materials, screen-printed bottles, labels or stamps, the new pickFeeder series keeps an exquisite treatment of the packaging throughout its process thanks to the use of the most advanced techniques and solutions for the handling of containers and objects.
  • Boosted productivity per m2
    The robotic bottle unscrambler concept developed by Packfeeder optimizes the space in the packaging room, offering the maximum production speed of the market for every square meter used. The ergonomics of the machine together with its efficient design, allow to increase the throwput of the available area.
  • Taylor made solutions
    The modularity of the pickFeeder series not only allows to choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 robotic units, but also offers the possibility of incorporating other configurations depending of every project needs. Some of these configurable elements are pucks transportation system, orientation of asymmetric bottles, glass tray loader, bottle rinsing / cleaning systems or even coding & traceability. Everyhting designed to guarantee the best tailored solution for every customer.

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