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  • AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle and it identifies Driverless fork-trucks which are used in industrial applications to carry pallets and/or materials to/from programmed positions in production areas, in warehouses, in the dock area and now also capable to reach in and load trucks. The AGV receives orders directly from warehouse management systems, the field, or from any type of software or hardware interface. The AGVs operate 24 hours/7 in total safety for the environment and anyone that could be in the operating area.
    Skilled AGVs operate with precisely controlled navigation, acceleration and deceleration; this minimizes the potential damage and makes AGVs an excellent choice in the material handling.


  • Skilled LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) is an automatic fork lift truck which, together with our palletizing systems, allows complete “end of line” automation. This results is cost savings and significant improvements in production management.Our LGVs are usually equipped with forks which can be for a single pallet/double pallets or even pallets that must be lifted upto 10 mts in a warehouse. However since we customize the AGVs according to the application, there is no problem to equip them with other tools such as clamps to pick up rolls or conveyors to pick-up unitized products etc. The LGVs can fit in any area or industry where a fork-truck is used. Euroimpianti’s experience has been strong in the following industries: food, paper, tissue-paper, automotive (tires), beverage, chemical-cosmetic and pharmaceutical, dairy, electrical, glass, tobacco and all general manufacturing plants.


  • Skilled LGV offers the following advantages:
    • Transportation of different products and pallets, coming from different production lines, from and to the storage and trucking area (with total exclusion of conveyor work)
    • Compliance with the current safety rules and regulations
    • Thanks to its modularity the system can easily be adapted to future production needs
    • Extremely easy installation at customer’s site, that saves productivity time


  • Skilled 800
    The Skilled LGV 800 is equipped with counterbalance and wheels included in the machine’s frame
    Standard lifting height up to: 1000 mm-S/1500mm-M
    Loading capacity up to: 500 kg-S/800Kg-M
  • Skilled 1000
    The Skilled LGV 1000 is equipped withwith counterbalance and wheels included in the machine’s frame
    Standard lifting height up to: 2000 mm-M/4000mm-L
    Loading capacity up to: 1200 kg-M/1500Kg-L
  • Skilled 1400
    The Skilled LGV 1400 is equipped with with advanced wheels
    Standard lifting height up to: 2500 mm-M/4000mm-L
    Loading capacity up to: 1500 kg-M/2500Kg-L
  • Skilled 1400 XL
    The Skilled LGV 1400 XL is equipped with counterbalance and wheels included in the machine’s frame
    Standard lifting height up to: 4000 mm-M/8500mm-L
    Loading capacity up to: 1500 kg-M/1800Kg-LNOTE – Min. and max. loading capacity is depending on the lifting height. It’s possibile to have the top pressure for unstable pallets. Battery options: manual change, automatic change, independent automatic re-charging


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