Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504

Robot Palletizer | Skilled 504


  • The Skilled 504 is an electro mechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure type SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360°. Our first SCARA robot (Selectively Compliant Assembly Robot Arm) was launched in the market in 1996 and since then it has been installed in over 1000 plants worldwide. Thanks to its high flexibility and possibility to customize the pick-up tool for illimitated range of applications (cardboard boxes, bundles, heat-shrunk trays, bags, cans, reels, etc.), the Skilled 504 has been used to solve a wide variety of end-of-the-line product handling problems in the most diverse plant logistic situations. Its friendly and powerful programming method has been developed in Visual Basic completely by our engineers on the basis of 30 years experience in the palletizing field, in order to quickly carry out any kind of personalization at any time.


  • Skilled 504 is ideal for palletising multiple lines:
    • Clever design to work also in a narrow working area
    • Payload 120 kg including gripper
    • 4 axes
    • 800 cycles/hour

Cobot Palletizer | UR10e

Cobot palletizer | Universal Robot UR10e


    • Frame of SS304.
    • Universal Robot – Cobot UR10e ( payload 10kg).
    • Reach 1300mm.
    • Easy to relocate with transpallet or forklift.
    • Conveyor for pick-up made of SS304.
    • Intralox S1000chain.
    • SEW motor.
    • Two sides can be used for stacking.
    • Manual reload of empty pallets.
    • Vacuum gripper.
    • Pally pallet builder software.
    • Ewelix Liftkit.
    • Frame for slipsheet.
    • Safety scanners.
    • Three different angles for positioning conveyor.
    • Small footprint.
    • Colour and signal beacon.




Weight max.10 kg

Physical dimensions – Conveyor

Lenght 1500 mm
Width 304 mm
Height 770 mm (+-50 mm)

Physical dimensions – Unit

Lenght 1360 mm
Width 810 mm
Height 800 mm (exclusive Cobot)
Height 2372 mm (cobot fully extended)

Robot Palletizer | Fanuc M410

Robot Palletizer | Fanuc M410


  • Custom made palletizing robot cell
  • The palletiser – designed specifically for the job, this series increases throughput on palletising and handling applications. With a capacity up to 700 kg and a reach up to 3.1 m, the 4 axis M-410 parallel link robot series is ideal for handling medium to heavy payloads. FANUC was one of the first robot suppliers to develop a series specifically designed for palletising and draws on years of experience in end of line automation.

    Operating within an optimised work space and benefiting from a high vertical stroke, the M-410 palletising robot is specifically designed to stack pallets up to a height of 2 metres. The integrated base and controller in the pedestal (non-pedestal version is also available) not only saves floor space but also makes transportation and installation easier.

    With models capable of handling anything from 110 to 700 kg payloads, whether it be boxes, bags or slabs of concrete, there is a M-410 for every palletising job.


    Render M410 | 185



Skilled AGV | RGV

Skilled AGV | RGV


  • AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle and it identifies Driverless fork-trucks which are used in industrial applications to carry pallets and/or materials to/from programmed positions in production areas, in warehouses, in the dock area and now also capable to reach in and load trucks. The AGV receives orders directly from warehouse management systems, the field, or from any type of software or hardware interface. The AGVs operate 24 hours/7 in total safety for the environment and anyone that could be in the operating area.
    Skilled AGVs operate with precisely controlled navigation, acceleration and deceleration; this minimizes the potential damage and makes AGVs an excellent choice in the material handling.


  • SKILLED RGV is a vehicle system that has been created from the same project as that for the Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV’s) and its operation is therefore based on the same general principles. The vehicle drives along a straight rail at floor level, being used only and exclusively for movement in straight lines. Its integration with SKILLED ROBOTS palletisation systems makes it possible to achieve complete end-of-line automation, with considerable cost savings and assured increases in production management efficiency.


  • Skilled RGV offers the following advantages:
    • Complete pallet handling towards wrapping and/or storage with simultaneous automatic feeding of empty pallets and slip sheets to the palletising cells
    • Modular system, bringing great flexibility should enlargement be required in the future.
    • The absence of electrical connections and the possibility of sinking the rails into the floor make access to the production lines easy for operators and vehicle drivers
    • Perfect compliance with the safety laws and standards in force