Automatic Pallet Dispenser | MAG1 – placed over conveyor
Automatic Pallet Dispenser | MAG2 – aligned next to conveyor


    • Frame of painted steel.
    • Used for stacking and destacking of empty pallets.
    • Piles of 10 till 15 pallets.
    • Pallets between 800×600 – 1200×1200.
    • Loading by forklift, LGV or electrical transpallet.
    • Festo pneumatic cylinder with brake and valves for open and close movement.
    • SEW motor for op and down movement.
    • Motor mounted right or left.
    • Heighth of stack always controlled by photoelectric distance sensor.
    • Siemens HMI + PLC.
    • Can be used “stand alone” or integrated in robotcell.

Palletmagazijn top palmag2 palmag


Physical dimensions – Unit

Length2295 mm (all in)

Length 1918 mm (exclusive motor and elecrical cabinet)
Width 1695 mm (MAG1)
Width 1995 mm (MAG2)
Height 2105 mm (exclusive signal beacon)