Filling Machine | IF 80
Filling Machine of in-line model, piston based, with 8 filling nozzles.


    • Frame of SS304.
    • Bottom drip tray made of SS304 with tap mounted in bottom of machine.
    • Interlocked front doors in SS304 with windows in hardened glass.
    • Product system in SS304 with tri-clamp or flange connections.
    • Product manifold in SS304. Equipped with one pneumatic product inlet valve.
    • Easy adjustment and recipe management on 9 inch colour touch panel mounted on electrical cabinet.
    • Eight pistons, SS304, Ø depending on volume. Bosch Servo driven
    • Volume 1.000ml –> 5.000ml.
    • Eight pneumatic actuators, with electrical position indicator.
    • Eight filling nozzles for bottom filling.
    • Bosch Servo driven filling bridge with possibility to bottom fill and following under liquid surface.
    • Container volume and fine/coarse volumes are saved within recipes.
    • Driptray in SS304 to collect spillage from filling nozzles.
    • Product hoses in conductive PTFE with stainless braiding on the outside equipped with Tri-clamp connections.
    • Local control panel with illuminated pushbuttons for operation (e.g. start/stop, manual adjustment, emergency stop and reset of interlockeddoors).
    • Nozzle guard (e.g. automatic stop if filling nozzles hit container).
    • Extra rigid gating system in SS304 consisting of two gates mounted on filling conveyor body.
    • The machine is available in ATEX version.
    • The machine is available with easy remote access (EWON).
      • Optional:
      • Mass flow meter, possible to fill either with weight or volume
      • Contact parts in SS316.
      • CIP.





Lowest conveyor height 500 mm
Maximum conveyor width 550 mm
Lowest capping height 700 mm
Highest capping height 1400 mm
Span between the highest and lowest container 410 mm

Containers (bottles, cans, etc.)

Length 30-475mm
Width/ Diameter 30-270 mm
Height* Depending on conveyor height

Physical dimensions

Length 2040 mm (exclusive electrical cabinet)
Width 1650 mm
Height 2160 mm (exclusive signal beam)

* For a conveyor height of 850 mm the maximum height of the container is 540 mm.