Capping Machine | IC 10

Capping Machine of in-line model, designed for both screw and pressure caps.


    • Frame of SS 304.
    • Interlocked front doors in SS 304 with windows in hardened glass.
    • Pneumatic sorting of caps by air nozzles in sorter drum.
    • Servo driven tightening or positioning of caps.
    • Centering and anti-rotation device mounted on the capping head.
    • Head mounted on a trolley that runs between two shaft to provide the most stable and flexible machine as possible.
    • Can be equipped with one or two tightening station which provides a capacity of up to 40 containers – minute for one station and 70 containers – minute for the two stations.
    • Machines with one tightening station can be equipped with either gating system or indexing wheel, for machines with two tightening stations the alternative is infeed worm screws or index wheel depending upon application.
    • To simplify the product changes, the manual adjustments are minimized to a few. All settings of values such as torque, down pressure and holding torque of packaging lies within the recipe.

  • User interface via a 5.7 “colour touch screen which also provides information on machine status and any alarms.
  • Five colour signal beacon.
  • Integrated control with frequency inverter for conveyor.
  • Integrated control of cap elevator.
  • The machine is available in ATEX version.
  • The machine is available with easy remote access (EWON).




Lowest conveyor height 500 mm
Maximum conveyor width 550 mm
Lowest capping height 700 mm
Highest capping height 1400 mm
Span between the highest and lowest container 410 mm

Containers (bottles, cans, etc.)

Length 30-475mm
Width/ Diameter 30-270 mm
Height* Depending on conveyor height


Width/ Diameter 20 – 100 mm
Height 10 – 60 mm
Tightening torque 4 / 8 / 25 Nm
Capping pressure Max 750 N

Physical dimensions

Length 1250 mm (exclusive electrical cabinet)
Width 2128 mm
Height 2200 mm (exclusive signal beam)

* For a conveyor height of 850 mm the maximum height of the container is 540 mm.