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Since September 2014 we moved to Hannekenshoek 9 - 2200 Herentals.

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Project: Sodiko: conveyor for pallets

For this customer we designed a conveyor that automatically transports pallets from production to the warehouse. 48 pallets can be collected. The conveyor-belt starts automatically when 3 pallets are ready, this is detected by means of sensors.

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Welcome to our website
Welcome to the website of ALAX Automation, your partner in automation.

We can no longer think of industry without automation. Process-automation allows for better process control, capacity increase and quality improvement. A good automation-concept needs to be guided by a structured development process to achieve a reliable system. This requires a good knowledge and inventory of the process requirements. For ALAX Automation the process of development is highest priority to design automation systems.

The company founded in 2002 soon made name as a reliable partner in filling, closing and packaging in various industries such as chemicals and the food world.

The philosofy of ALAX Automation is very simple: if you understand the needs of your customers, have the knowledge and experience to solve their problems and motivated employees to make it happen, then you provide the appropriate machine for the requested situation. A machine that not only meets expectations but also exceeds them, within budget, delivered on time and that works and will continue to work reliably for many years.